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All illustrations, animations, software and text ©Dan Welchman Productions

(16/11/2008) NEW MODULE! "Round The House".

Why not have a go with our new module, "Round The House"? There are six different submodules to choose from. Four of these are "pictorial" exercises where you have to click on the correct part of a picture. There's a picture of the whole house with its various parts and rooms plus pictures of a bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen. There are also two "conventional" modules where you pick an item from an array; one with large icons and one with small icons so that you can fit lots of them on the screen.

(20/4/2008) New "Search" facility in the Autism Software Database

The Autism Software Database now has a "Search" facility so that you can type in a keyword and it'll come back with all the entries that contain that word. It doesn't matter if the word is in the title, the tagline or the main blurb of the entry. Hopefully, this'll make it a little easier to track down the software you need.

(1/3/2008) Seven new entries in the Autism Software Database

  • CBeebies Games and activities featuring characters from the BBC children's shows
  • Data Decisions, Inc Easy to manage software solutions for the collection and analysis of ABA data sets
  • Headsprout Phonics Based Reading Lessons Online
  • JTalk free software which allows a user to use their computer to communicate verbally with others
  • Math Playground Play with Numbers and Give Your Brain a Workout
  • The Critical Thinking Co Better Grades & Higher Test Scores - Guaranteed!
  • VTree INC Virtual Reality Special Needs Software

(30/12/2007) NEW MODULE! Features, Functions and Categories.

Why not have a go with our latest module? There are five different submodules where items have to be picked not by name, but by what category they belong to or what features they have, or what they're used for. There are three submodules dealing with features, functions or categories separately. Or you can try one of the submodules where all three are mixed together. There's a separate version of the "all together" module with half-sized icons so that you can fit a really big array of icons on the screen for the more advanced player.

(11/11/2007) Launching the Autism Software Database.

The Autism Software Database is a free resource for parents and professionals listing all kinds of software that might be useful for people with autism. It supercedes the old autism software list (plain web page), which was getting a bit too long, and didn't allow publishers to log in and edit their own information. Please email us with any comments, bug-reports, or suggestions for new entries.

(24/8/2007) Five new entries in the Autism Software List

(9/7/2007) Give us some feedback using the new super-quick Questionnaire.

Now it's really easy to let us know what you think about MouseTrial and what you'd like to see in the future with our ultra-easy feedback questionnaire. It can easily be completed in one minute flat. We greatly appreciate your feedback;- it's the only way we can really know what to change and what needs to be added in the future.

(21/6/2007) New Animals module. Why not have a go?
Nine different submodules about animals. There are six different categories of animal: Pets, Farm animals, Aquatic animals, Birds, Zoo animals, and Small animals & creepy-crawlies. Or you can play one of the "All together" submodules where ALL of the above are available to choose from, using either the usual big icons or smaller ones to fit more on the screen. There's also a game for picking the right animal by the noise it makes.

(8/5/2007) Another seven new entries in the Autism Software List

(2/5/2007) Many more links to organisations in the UK plus a new "suppliers" entry.

We've greatly extended our list of links to regional support organisations in the UK and included a little more information about each one too (in the form of a short tagline). There's also an interesting new entry in our list of Suppliers of autism related equipment, products and software for languageimages.com who supply premade and custom picture schedules and boards that you can download and print.

(10/4/2007) No less than NINE new entries in the Autism Software List

(28/3/2007) A whole new module all about LETTERS

A great new module with eight different submodules all about letters. Don't forget that you can customise the exercises using the [options] page and master license key holders automatically get unlimited access to the new module. Why not have a go now? There are two different versions of some of the submodules: one where you are asked to pick the letter by its name and another where you are given the sound of the letter. There are also trials to pick the object beginning with a particular letter and others where the whole alphabet is displayed.

(2/3/2007) Loads of new entries in our list of links in the USA

We've VASTLY extended our list of links to regional support organisations in the USA and included a little more information about each one too (in the form of a short tagline). To help you navigate the list we've ordered it alphabetically by state and colour-coded alternate states so that you can easily see where one ends and the next one begins.

(16/2/2007) A new entry in the suppliers links section

Model Me Kids videos demonstrate social skills by modeling peer behavior at school, on a playdate, at a birthday party, on the playground, at a library, restaurant, and more. Children narrate and explain each skill.

We also have three new entries in the Autism Software List

(11/2/2007) FREE printable picture cards from the food module.

If you look on our Free printables page you'll find that a .pdf file full of flash cards using images from the Food page is now available along with all the others. Feel free to use these in your autism program, put them on your autism website, pass them along to friends, etc etc.

(22/1/2007) No less than seven new entries in the Autism Software List

(1/1/2007) Another entry in the Autism Software List!

Slater Software, Inc supply easy-to-use software tools which promote literacy and communication within the Special Needs community

(20/12/2006) Brand new FOOD module!
An entire new module packed with new animations, artwork and games. There are four different exercises for clicking on the correct food item when prompted. You can choose one of the three games involving a particular category of food: (sweet things, savoury things or fruit & veg). Or try the "all together" game where you can mix and match any kind of food to make a really big array.

(14/10/2006) 5 new entries in the Autism Software List

(6/9/2006) Get a single master key to unlock ALL modules.

Due to popular demand we've introduced our new master license key which is a single password that will enable unlimited play on ALL MouseTrial modules. Not only is this simpler than having separate keys for each module, but it also saves you money. The master key is currently priced at $48 US which works out at $12 per module. You can still buy license keys for individual modules at $18 each though, if you prefer. The best thing about the master key is that it will also unlock modules which we release in the future (eg the "food" module due for release this winter) so the sooner you buy one the more money you save!

(6/8/2006) New page full of completely FREE printable autism resources.

Our new Free Stuff page has lots of printable resources that you can use in your autism program. There are flash cards (using artwork from the MouseTrial software modules) and "draw on the dotted line" worksheets for drawing skills exercises. There are also "medals" designed to be printed out on metallic peel-and-stick inkjet paper which you may find useful as rewards. Or just for fun, why not have a go making the MouseTrial "Underpants Zoetrope"!

(11/7/2006) New entries in the Autism Software List!

We're always on the lookout for autism software to add to the list, so please drop us an email if you're using some great software that we've overlooked. In this latest revision there are no less than 8 new sources of software for autism treatment:-

(25/6/2006) Games with WORDS!

Thanks to some extra controls on the [options] page, you can now display the words for each item below its picture. You can also have the words on their own, or the pictures on their own if you like. This feature is available in ALL modules and you can try it right away. This can be a great tool for helping your child to recognise words. If your child has become proficient with the "clothes" game for example, you can turn on words as well as pictures to get them used to seeing the words for "sock","jacket","hat" and so on. Later on, you can try removing the pictures altogether and displaying the words alone to see if your child can pick them out without a pictorial cue.

(5/6/2006) Brand new CLOTHES submodule.
There's an all new game in the clothes & body module. Scroll to the last game in the module and you'll find it. There are 10 items of clothing to pick when asked (you can control how many items are displayed and which ones are available using the [options] menu. There's a new animation for each item of clothing: hat, shoes, sock, jacket, trousers, boots, glove, shorts, t-shirt, and finally (see opposite) UNDERPANTS!

(13/5/2006) Updated version of the "body parts" game available!

The "body parts" game of the clothes & body module (the one where you have to click on the correct one of several separate body parts when asked) has been extended with lots of new body parts and their animations. Hand, Foot, Arm, Leg, Tummy, Chest, Back and Bottom have all been added and we've also improved some of the existing items and removed some of the more ambiguous ones.

(16/4/2006) Focus on BLOGS.

Blogs are an invaluable resource for tapping in to the experiences of other parents and teachers. You can pick up many great tips and ideas. We've added loads of new entries to our list of blogs and also added a brief "tagline" to each entry explaining a little bit more about what each one is about. Strongly recommended surfing!

(26/3/2006) New submodules in the Body & Clothes module!

There are two brand new games in the Body and Clothes module featuring 10 new animations which haven't been seen before. They're both to do with clicking the correct part of the body. Why not have a go now? -as always, you get plenty of free trial goes. We don't send out mass email announcements, so it's up to you to email your friends to tell them about the new stuff (unless you want to keep it all to yourself of course!)

(3/3/2006) A free animation on your autism website!

There's now a rather nice little animated gif file which you're more than welcome to use for your link to MouseTrial from your autism-related website. Please feel free to take it; there's no need to contact us first (though we're always very pleased to hear from you, of course). It does contain scenes of rodent insolence from the very start, so please check that it's not too rude for your site before using.