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All illustrations, animations, software and text ©Dan Welchman Productions

privacy and data protection

We will treat your address, email-address and all other personal details in the strictest confidence. We take a very strong stance against spam (indiscriminate unsolicited bulk e-mail) and will never "leak" your address to third parties. Senders of spam to any of our email addresses are dealt with swiftly and severely. Note that we do not handle your credit card data at all. Online payment is handled exclusively by Kagi, our reseller.

copyright and intellectual property

All images, movies, audio files, text and software are Copyright © Dan Welchman Productions and may not be copied, modified, reproduced or otherwise reused without written permission from the publisher. All rights reserved. However, you are welcome to implement links to this site so that other individuals can download modules and play them online provided that the attribution is clear. Permission is implicitly granted to all of the materials on the "Free Stuff" page, as these are designed specifically for free distribution. You may not modify any MouseTrial materials (including free stuff) without written permission from the publisher.

your license key

There are two kinds of MouseTrial license key: a master key which allows unlimited play in ALL modules or you can buy individual license keys for specific modules. A DOMESTIC license key entitles you to use MouseTrial on one computer at a time. You can use the same key on multiple machines (on both your PC and your laptop, for example) but it should not be used on more than one machine simultaneously. A CLASSROOM license key allows for use on up to 20 different computers simultaneously, and needs to be renewed annually. We do not currently supply CLASSROOM licenses for indiviual modules (they're all master keys). You should keep your license key safe as it may be necessary to re-enter it under certain circumstances. It may also be necessary to quote it in correspondence with us. You must keep your license key secret. You may not distribute, give away, lend or re-sell it. We reserve the right to monitor levels of online activity referencing any particular license key and take any necessary action in the event of abnormal usage being detected (for example, multiple simultaneous play on a single DOMESTIC license key).

online purchase

When you purchase a MouseTrial license key you are doing so from Kagi, our reseller. You can think of Kagi as the "shop" and MouseTrial as the "factory" supplying them with goods. (You are nonetheless very welcome to contact us directly, of course). Kagi accept all major cards and provide a very prompt and secure international service. You can read Kagi's FAQs (frequently asked questions) to read about their returns policy, order tracking system, and other aspects of the service.


License keys should arrive by email within 30 minutes of purchase (and normally much faster than this). Note that MouseTrial modules are not physical products and therefore nothing will be shipped to your home.


Although we try very hard to ensure that MouseTrial is available for online play 24 hours a day 7 days a week we cannot ultimately guarantee availability. Similarly, we strive to ensure that performance levels are more than adequate for satisfactory play provided that the customer has a sufficiently fast internet connection. However, internet demands, loads, and connectivity issues are beyond our control and it is therefore possible that there will be periods of non-availability or unusably slow performance. Customers are welcome to make use of the free module downloads to keep a "backup copy" that can be used without needing an internet connection.

use of links and the AUTISM SOFTWARE list

We hope that our extensive collection of categorised links to other websites and our AUTISM SOFTWARE list provide a useful service to visitors. We take care to select good sites and we periodically check them to avoid broken or deteriorated links. However, we cannot be held responsible for the content or availability of material on third party sites. Broken links, offensive material or any other unacceptable content should be reported to