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All illustrations, animations, software and text ©Dan Welchman Productions

who are we?

Dan Welchman (left, with beard) -Principal Engineer.
Dan is an Engineer, Publisher and Cartoonist. He was responsible for most of the software development and artwork in MouseTrial. Aged 45, Dan enjoys swimming, Judo, cooking and beer.

Kit Welchman (right, clean shaven) -Principal Tester.
Kit is a little boy. He is the main tester and reviewer of the MouseTrial game. Aged 9, Kit enjoys swimming, climbing, rough & tumble, curry and blackberries.

Mouse (inset, sticking tongue out) -Principal Actor.
Mouse is a small furry rodent with mischievous tendencies. Mouse is the starring actor in many of the MouseTrial movies. Aged 5 months, Mouse enjoys acting, scurrying and unauthorised nibbling.

Kit was diagnosed with autism in 2002. Since then we have been running a home based program involving a lot of discrete trial work and other fun activities. Kit is also now attending a main-stream school part time with a helper. MouseTrial was mainly written for sheer fun, but also to maintain and extend Kit's vocabulary and to increase the level of discrete trial activity by making use of time in between one-to-one sessions.

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