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All illustrations, animations, software and text ©Dan Welchman Productions

it's easy to link to MouseTrial

We welcome links to MouseTrial from other autism related websites. Linkers are entitled to a FREE license key. If you want one, just send an email to giving the URL of the web page with the link, and we'll email you back with your license key.

There are several different kinds of link you can use, all of which are easy to set up. If space is tight then a simple textual link might be best. For a more eye-catching style you can use an animated link. If your website is listed in our autism links directory then there are special images that you can use. You can also link directly to the Autism Software List or to our Autism Links Directory rather than to the main MouseTrial home page if you prefer.

a simple textual link

For a very short and sweet link simply cut and paste the following 3 lines of HTML code into your web page.

<a href="http://www.mousetrial.com/">
MouseTrial: Fun animated software to help kids with autism

This will give you a terse, compact link using the wording "MouseTrial: Fun animated software to help kids with autism" which will fit well on a busy page of links. Of course, you can substitute this with any wording you like. A slightly longer alternative blurb appears below which may be useful on pages with the luxury of a little more space. Feel free to copy and paste, either whole or in part.

MouseTrial is a suite of fun animated software for children with autism spectrum disorders. It's based on the "discrete trial" method used in ABA programs, and can be played online. The website also includes an extensive directory of autism links, free printable autism resources, and a worldwide list of software written specifically for autism.

linking to the autism software list

If you want to link specifically to the autism software list rather than to the MouseTrial site as a whole then you can use the HTML code below. As always, you can extend or alter the wording if necessary.

<a href="http://www.mousetrial.com/autism_software_database.php">
MouseTrial's Autism Software List: A worldwide collection of links to software for autism

linking to the autism links directory

Similarly, if you'd rather link directly to our autism links directory rather than to the MouseTrial home page then you can use the following HTML fragment:

<a href="http://www.mousetrial.com/categorised_links.html">
MouseTrial's extensive categorised Autism Links Directory

make an animated link

...with this cool gif movie! >>>->
Feel free to use this rather nifty MouseTrial micro-movie on your website. It can be very effective on sites with a strongly "graphical" style. You can cut and paste the simple snippet of HTML code below to include the animation directly from our server:-

<a href="http://www.mousetrial.com/">
<img width=300 height=71 src="http://www.mousetrial.com/rudemouse.gif">

Alternatively, you can download the gif file itself rudemouse.gif and use it as you wish. It's only about 30k in size and it will scale down quite a way without becoming illegible if you need to squeeze it into a tight space. We only ask that you mention our URL www.mousetrial.com (or link to it) wherever you use the gif file.

special images for autism links directory

If your website is listed in our autism links directory then you can incorporate one of the "badges" below to advertise the fact to your visitors. They come in small, medium and large versions. This isn't compulsory of course, just a resource for webmasters to use if they wish. If your site is not yet listed in our links directory but you would like to be then please email . We're always on the lookout for new links to useful autism websites and we can usually add your site very quickly. Please do not use these images until your website is listed in the directory. The HTML code given below for you to cut and paste will take your visitors straight to the autism links directory (rather than the MouseTrial home page) when they click on the image.

small badge

<a href="http://www.mousetrial.com/categorised_links.html">
<img width=144 height=47 src="http://www.mousetrial.com/listees_badge_7pc.gif">

medium badge

<a href="http://www.mousetrial.com/categorised_links.html">
<img width=206 height=68 src="http://www.mousetrial.com/listees_badge_10pc.gif">

large badge

<a href="http://www.mousetrial.com/categorised_links.html">
<img width=308 height=101 src="http://www.mousetrial.com/listees_badge_15pc.gif">