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All illustrations, animations, software and text ©Dan Welchman Productions

Welcome to the autism software database. It's simply a collection of links to publishers, developers and distributors of software that you might find useful for kids with Autism. Some of the programs have been written specifically for autism while others are more general educational or special-needs titles that have been pressed into service and found useful in practice. Click on the "More.." buttons beside each entry to see further details including a list of individual products, where available. Please email any suggestions or bug reports to us at .
Publishers: you can login here to update or extend the data on your products.

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1 ABA Math ABA Math is an open source (free!) program to help kids with autism learn arithmetic using ...
2 Academic Communication Associates, Inc Speech, language and learning resources for children and adults. Softw..
3 Accelerations Educational Software The Discrete Trial Trainer is an extensive package written specifically..
4 Animated Speech Corporation (ASC) (3 products) Software-based conversational language learning system
5 Attainment Company Inc Software and other materials for special needs. Wisconsin based company that is commit..
6 Autism Academy Interactive ABA course on CD-ROM for teaching educators and parents how to effectively educate..
7 Autism Edu. Autism spectrum disorder education resources & software.
8 Autism Language Program at Children's Hospital Boston (2 products)
9 Autism Language Therapies If your child or client knows the words for basic colors and shapes and can read th..
10 AutismPro.com. an inexpensive online therapy and treatment for autism
11 autismsoftware.co.uk Free educational software for children with autism.
12 BLOOMINGKIDS.COM 29 inexpensive programs tailored specifically to kids with autism spectrum discorders and ot..
13 Bright Start Therapeutics "Talking Words" offers many features to assist you in planning and managing an inte..
14 CBeebies Online-playable games and activities featuring characters from the BBC children's shows
15 ClickN' READ Phonics The World's Most Advanced Learn To Read Phonics Software for Autism
16 Computhera "Computer Assisted Therapy for teaching cognitive skills to visual learners" Computhera o...
17 Data Decisions, Inc. Easy to manage software solutions for the collection and analysis of ABA data sets.
18 Developing Minds Software (1 product ) Special Education Data Collection & Analysis
19 Do2Learn Games, songs, communication cards, print resources, and information for special needs. Ther...
20 edbydesign.com Oz based developers of the "special learning" series of software, which provides activities ....
21 Elizabeth FitzRoy Support's Sensory World and Sensory Rooms Flash-based virtual house and garden to explore w..
22 Endless Potential's "Project:Autism" This unique software, developed by a board certified associate behavior ..
23 Eugene Research Institute Picture Planner helps individuals with cognitive disabilities build and manage ..
24 FaceSay™, by Symbionica, LLC Social Skills Games that Work!
25 Geddes Productions Language development software
26 GUS Communications Inc Overboard is a leading tool for parents, teachers and speech language pathologists ..
27 Headsprout Phonics Based Reading Lessons Online
28 helpingtogrow.com - Early Learning Site (3 products) "love is helping something to grow"
29 Hiyah.net Free Software for Children who want to use the computer but can't yet use a keyboard. 18 d...
30 iAbida Indiviual Communication Management (ICM) We bring teams together to provide a 360 degree view o..
31 Jabuguin: Software for Children with Autism The Jabuguín Suite consists of programs that use a large database o..
32 Joeschedule.com Online Autism Software All in one tool for teaching kids with autism spectrum disorders. R..
33 JTalk Speech Software JTalk is a free communication software package. It allows a user to use their computer ..
34 Laureate Learning Systems Laureate offers over 80 programs for children and adults with Special Needs. Inc..
35 Learning For Children. Autism and Dyslexia Testing
36 Leeds Metropolitan University (LMU) "Autism Software" Six free downloadable programs produced by students of ..
37 LinguiSystems Our mission has been to provide innovative, effective, affordable, and therapeutically-sound ...
38 Math Playground Play with Numbers and Give Your Brain a Workout
39 Millenium Software Labelling_Tutor is discrete trial software for kids with autism and it's available on b..
40 Mind Reading: The Interactive Guide to Emotions (CD-ROM) by Simon Baron-Cohen. Available from Jessica Kingsle..
41 MouseTrial (8 products) Fun animated, adjustable ABA-style exercises that you can play online. There are six..
42 MTRIAL by Mobile Thinking A BETTER WAY TO RECORD AND REPORT ABA DATA mTrial is a software program that age..
43 P.A.L.S. -Progressive Autism Learning System Improving Educational Success Through Technology. Recommended..
44 Priory Woods School: Free Program Resources 18 free programs to download (for both Mac & Windows) from the br..
45 R-E-M the educational software specialist U.K. based supplier of all kinds of educational software. They have..
46 Raising Horizons (6 products) Training materials to assist people with a learning disability, including cereb..
47 Reactive Colours go ahead and react! Reactive Colours© provides an engaging, accessible computer envir..
48 Resource Education Ltd Resource Education: software to make a difference
49 Scientific Learning Developers of the Fast ForWord family of products. A neuroscience approach to reading ..
50 SEMERC Solutions For Inclusion SEMERC is the UK's leading publisher of ICT resources for learners of all ages..
51 SEN Teacher Resources Resources, freeware downloads, links and documents for those involved in the education ..
52 Sensei Solutions (2 products) School Transition Software and School Organisation Software
53 Silver Lining Multimedia "The Great Action Adventure" is available for teaching verbs to visual learners. ..
54 Slater Software, Inc (2 products) easy-to-use software tools which promote literacy and communication withi..
55 Social Skill Builder (2 products) Interactive computer programs using real life video to teach social skill..
56 SoftTouch software for special needs A wide range of software, books, videos and interactive-books for specia..
57 SticKids - Muscles, Motion 'n Touch Community Therapy Associates Inc. presents SticKids, A software and a..
58 Stone Mountain Software Windows software teaches recognition & interpretation of facial expresions
59 Surer Steps LLP (3 products) Surer Steps LLP was established in August 2005 by Nick Owens and James Bane. W..
60 TeachTown A scientifically designed and research based program of computer assisted treatment for kid...
61 The Critical Thinking Co (1 product ) Better Grades & Higher Test Scores - Guaranteed!
62 Thinking Publications A very large range of CDs covering speech and language training, dealing with social..
63 Time4Learning "It's Time 4 Learning. And Fun!" Time4Learning offers a comprehensive, educational learning sys..
64 Topologika Software Ltd Topologika are one of the UK's leading publishers of primary and secondary educational
65 Turning Point Technology Tools and Solutions for a Variety of Learning Disabilities.
66 Ultimate Learning (5 products) Created by DigiSoft, the innovative developers behind the award-winning P..
67 VTree INC Virtual Reality Special Needs Software
68 Widgit Software : Software Solutions for Special Needs Communicate: By Choice provides a means for creating a..