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All illustrations, animations, software and text ©Dan Welchman Productions

All the items on this page are completely FREE for you to take away, reproduce and distribute as you wish. They are ideal for use on autism-related web sites or for inclusion in information packs for parents and carers. Feel free to take whatever items seem useful and email them to any friends who might find them useful. There's no need to contact us before using these materials (although you are more than welcome to email us if you have any specific queries). A link or mention of MouseTrial would be nice if you use these materials on your website, but this is not obligatory. Please don't hesitate to email us with any suggestions you have for further resources that would be helpful, as we will be regularly updating this page.

there's free stuff in the MouseTrial software too!

Don't forget that you get lots of free goes in the MouseTrial software itself. Please don't be shy about using up all of your free goes, - that's what they're there for! Each individual game (or "submodule") has its own quota of free goes, so don't give up just because you've run out of goes on the first game you try!

Worksheets for Drawing Exercises

pages: 13
size: 1.1MB

Twelve workcards of varying levels of diffculty for doing "draw on the dotted line" type exercises. There's also a page of suggested teaching techniques including our crafty "silicone sealant" method of encouraging independent use of the pen.

picture "flash cards"

pages: 3
size: 895KB

Seventeen shape picture cards using artwork from the Size, shape and colour software module.
pages: 2
size: 504KB

Eleven picture cards of colours using artwork from the Size, shape and colour software module.
pages: 2
size: 468KB

Flash cards for the numerals 1 to 12 as seen in the Numbers software module.
pages: 1
size: 416KB

Six flash cards using the artwork from the "Number of Rabbits" game in the Numbers software module.
pages: 1
size: 360KB

Six dice-pattern flash cards with artwork from the Numbers software module.
pages: 2
size: 728KB

Ten picture cards of clothes taken from the Clothes and Body software module.
pages: 2
size: 724KB

Twelve cards with body part pictures from the Clothes and Body software module.
pages: 5
size: 1.7MB

Twenty-seven cards with picturing all kinds of foods from the Food software module.

Shiny Medals

pages: 1 (29 medals per sheet)
size: 856KB

Does your child deserve a medal? Of course he does!! Print out these sheets onto metallic peel-and-stick inkjet paper and then cut out the medals. They make a great rewards. The medals are overprinted with yellow to give a very nice "gold" effect on the shiny paper.
pages: 1 (29 medals per sheet)
size: 824KB

Ok, maybe they're not so angelic? .. but perhaps they still deserve a silver medal? These are exactly the same as the gold ones but without the yellow overprint. For a whacky alternative you can print these on peel-and-stick "glow in the dark" paper (a bit hard to find, but worth the effort) ...spooky! Or you can even use them on fluorescent coloured paper. ...psychedelic man!

Mousetrial "underpants" zoetrope

pages: 1
size: 300KB

This Zoetrope (strictly a "Phenakistoscope") is a mechanical version of the much loved "mouse bouncing in the underpants" animation from the Clothes and Body software module. It's just for fun really, although you could use the "cutting out" activity as scissor skills exercise.