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All illustrations, animations, software and text ©Dan Welchman Productions

do I need to download?

Most people prefer to play MouseTrial online. If you want to play online then there's no need to download anything; just click on the "Have a go!" button (at left) and you can get started straight away. Playing online has the advantage that you're always using the most up-to-date version of MouseTrial with all the latest games and bug fixes in. However, if you find that your internet connection is too slow to let you play effectively then using a downloaded copy may be the answer. Also, certain kinds of customisation (using your own pictures or mp3 voice files for example) are only possible on a local version on your own computer.

how to download

Help youself to the MouseTrial modules available below. Just click on the zip file of the module you want and it will begin to download. A downloaded module will always respond quickly regardless of network congestion or the state of your internet connection. In fact, you can play it without being connected to the internet at all. You can download modules as often as you want (for example, when new versions come out).

There is no charge for downloading a module. All of the games will let you have a few free goes for evaluation purposes. After that you will need to enter your license key. It only takes a few moments to buy a license key from our online store at Kagi.

zip trouble?

If your computer seems to be having trouble with the zip files it could be that you have no "unzipping" software installed to un-pack the files. But don't worry, there are plenty of free unzipping programs available for download on the net. Freebyte do a very good one for Windows. Stuffit expander is one that's available for Mac as well as windows. (there are many others, as a quick google will show).


Round The House

zip file size5MB approx
unzipped module folder size8MB approx

Feature, Function & Category

zip file size5MB approx
unzipped module folder size7MB approx


zip file size6MB approx
unzipped module folder size9MB approx

Size, Shape and Colour

zip file size6MB approx
unzipped module folder size9MB approx

Body and Clothes

zip file size4MB aprox
unzipped module folder size6MB aprox


zip file size3MB aprox
unzipped module folder size4MB aprox


zip file size14MB aprox
unzipped module folder size17MB aprox


zip file size4MB aprox
unzipped module folder size5MB aprox

about the zip files

Each module comes as a separate "zip" file. The zip file format is extensively used for downloaded folders and software because it works on the vast majority of computers and it is compact (which helps to keep the download time to a minimum). When you download your zip file you will need choose a suitable folder to keep the module in. The "unzipping" program on your computer will let you do this. The exact user interface varies a little on different versions of computer hardware and software so use the "help" facility on your unzipping program for more information. Each module consists of two things: a file mousetrial.html and a folder called contents that contains all of the images, sounds, animations etc that MouseTrial needs. When you double click on mousetrial.html MouseTrial will start up in your browser. A lot of people like to put each MouseTrial module in their list of browser "favourites" as a quick way of finding them next time they're needed.